Heroes Form, Break Alliances on ‘Eris Quod Sum’

Loyalties are more than divided on Heroes these days.  On “Eris Quod Sum” we saw allegiance cross and double cross.  And who is at the center of all the chaos – the Petrellis.

A little water settles down the electric Elle.  Courtesy of NBC.

A little water settles down the electric Elle. Courtesy of NBC.

Arthur Petrelli was a busy man tonight.  First he confirmed some details for fans.  Yes, Peter’s abilities are gone for good.  Arthur takes it all and leaves nothing behind.

And Arthur was in a taking mood this episode.  First he “heals” Maya by taking her power.  And fans rejoice as Maya leaves hopefully for the last time.  But not before she has a very stalker-like goodbye with Mohinder.  No way I’d waste words on some guy that put me in a cocoon on the wall! 

Meanwhile Mohinder goes to work for Pinehearst to help with the formula.  I don’t understand what Mohinder needs to do.  Don’t they already have both halves of the formula?

Next Arthur takes Maury’s life.  Maury had pledged his loyalty to Arthur in exchange for Matt’s safety.  But when Arthur’s plans for Matt change, Maury protests and gets a broken neck for his troubles.  But given what we later find out I have to wonder is Maury really dead?  Or was it a show?  For who’s sake, I’m not sure – maybe Knox.

Next Arthur sends Daphne to kill Matt or so Knox thinks.  After playing a little mind trick on Knox, Daphne befriends Matt.  But we know that she’s still working for Arthur, who warns her that he if she screws up he’ll put her back where he found her.  Just where did he find her?  Did she have powers when he found her?  Or did she acquire them later?

In the meantime, father-of-the year is playing musical sons.  First he has Peter locked up and wastes the opportunity for father-son bonding with really bad lines like “you’re grounded.” 

But the comatose Angela uses her mad skills and a promise that he’s her “favorite” to inspire Sylar to break out of his coma, escape Level 5 and save his little brother.  Sylar manages to save Peter from being Mohinder’s guinea pig, but gets himself caught. 

So instead of running for his life, the powerless Peter decides to return the favor and rescue Sylar.  But what he doesn’t know is that Arthur tries to win Sylar to his side by convincing him that Angela is the devil incarnate (hmm . . . that didn’t take much improvising).  Sylar decides to stay with Daddy and sends Peter flying out the window.

Has Sylar really traded allegiances?  Was the man who evaded capture so many times in the first two seasons, really so easily taken hostage by Camp Arthur?  Did he try to kill Peter or help him escape?

Pete falls at the feet of the blonde duo on their way to Pinehurst to get “fixed.”  Elle’s powers are really out of whack (almost took down their plane) and Claire is still feeling broken, so the pair bond over daddy issues on a cross country flight.

But the appearance of Peter stops Claire in her tracks, while Elle continues into Pinehearst.  So who does Claire call for help?  Daddy.  No not him, the other Daddy. 

Nathan and Tracy leave their meet and greet with Meredith and HRG at Mohinder’s lair to go to Claire and Peter’s aid.  Peter gives Nathan the low down on Papa Petrelli.  Nathan promises to shut down Pinehearst legally, but then heads out to confront Daddy Dearest.  Another son in Arthur’s grasp.

Tracy, who has been getting kick backs from Pinehearst, agrees to accompany him.  How is her former allegiance to Pinehearst going to pan out?

And while all these alliances are being formed, and broken and double crossed, our wanna be hero Hiro is in Africa arguing with Ando about the hazards of time travel.  Apparently Africa is the new place to go when we don’t know what to do with your storyline.  Or maybe it’s just an excuse to flash forward or flash backwards.  And backwards is just where it appears Hiro’s spirit walk is going to land us in two weeks.

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6 Responses to Heroes Form, Break Alliances on ‘Eris Quod Sum’

  1. […] Heroes Form, Break Alliances on ‘Eris Quod Sum’ […]

  2. vacelts says:

    I feel like a need a score card after this episode to keep track of who is in league with whom. So many alliances were formed, broken and double crossed in this episode that I’m not sure who is on whose side anymore.

    The best line of the whole night was when Mohinder asks Arthur how he could put his son through his fake death. Arthur replies “Have you met their mother?”

    The episode title Eris Quod Sum means “I am what you will be” and I understand that it’s a motto often used on gravestones. Does that mean there will be more deaths?

    I loved when Lyle doused Elle with water – apparently it not only put a damper on her power, but her chronic bad mood. Unfortunately, I’m not impressed with Elle’s latest storyline.

    What was your favorite storyline tonight? What questions do you have?

  3. Lexelle says:

    This is the 2nd recap of yours that I’ve read and you do a great job. They are very detailed. Keep up the great work.

  4. vacelts says:

    Lexelle, thank you. Writing about the show helps me sort out what happened.

  5. […] Heroes Form, Break Alliances on ‘Eris Quod Sum’ […]

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