Mommy for President

If you think talking politics with friends and co-workers with so many differing opinions is tough, you should to explain the voting process to three-year-olds.

I’m planning on taking my twins with me to the polls later today so I wanted to let them know what we are doing.  And of course, the why question reared its ugly head.

I told them it was so I could pick who I wanted for president.  My son pipes up, “You be president, Mommy.”  And my daughter agreed, adding “Yeah, Mommy!”

I explained to them that I didn’t want the position.  But that didn’t deter the twins.  With his sister’s support, my son then nominates my husband, “Daddy be president.”

I told them I didn’t know, but Daddy might want the job.  They’d have to ask him when he got home.

But how cool is it that our children think we can run the country.  If you actively raise good kids, you can do anything.


One Response to Mommy for President

  1. I think it’s adorable. I heard this story once about a kid in a plane with his mommy. The little boy asked. “Mommy, if the plane crashes, will you rescue me?” Mom says yes. “Will Jesus rescue me?” Mom says the affirmative. “Will Batman rescue me?” Mom laughs but still says yes. Apparently, in the little boy’s eyes, Mommy will always come first in everything, Jesus and Batman just comes in second and third. 🙂

    You have great kids.

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