Bones finds a ‘Skull in the Sculpture’

The World Series is over and the election has been decided so now we can get back to our regularly scheduled programs on Fox.  And the return of Bones is marked with a case that proved pretty emotional for Angela in “The Skull in the Sculpture.”

Is it art or a murder weapon?

Is it art or a murder weapon?

When artist Jeffrey Thorne turns up dead in one of his own sculptures – a crushed car – suspicions turn to his assistant Roxy (Nichole Hiltz) who inherits one million dollars.

But the kicker is that Roxy is Angela’s lover from college.  What was interesting is everyone’s reaction to Angela’s former lesbian affair.

Hodgins already knew about the relationship.  But he didn’t seem to feel threatened even though Angela had just told him that she was going to start dating again.  I wonder if he realized that Roxy was a possibility.

Brennan was her typical scientific self, offering statistics on female orientation preferences.  Cam raised an eyebrow, but continued without comment.

But the most interesting reaction was Booth’s.  Angela was expecting him to go all conservative on her and I was waiting for him to get excited about girl on girl action.  But he surprised us both by being okay with the relationship and revealing a touching anecdote about his favorite aunt.  And then he turns around and defends Angela’s honor when a suspect gets disrespectful with his come on.

Likewise, Sweets was quite insightful in this episode too.  Usually I think he just drones on, but he actually said something that made a lot of sense tonight.  He revealed that while Angela might seem like a free spirit open to all relationships that actually her “openness” is an excuse not to give herself completely to a relationship.

My only complaint with the episode was the return of Daisy Wick (Carla Gallo).  Apparently she came up in the rotation again.  What does that mean?  Are we out of fun Zack fill ins?  Are we doomed to repeat the same six grad students for the rest of the season?

While there are a couple students I’d like to see return – can anyone say Scott Starret (Michael Badalucco) – the annoying Daisy Wick did not top my list.  I guessing her reappearance was more about her relationship with Sweets than service to Brennan.  I do hope that means we aren’t going to be exposed to her every week.

Overall another good episode.  I’m glad to have Bones back in my weekly rotation.

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