Heroes’ Claire’s Specialness Revealed on “It’s Coming”

On the most recent episode of Heroes, “It’s Coming,” we finally learned what made Claire special.  But was it really a big reveal for the audience?

Heroes - Season 3 - "It's Coming" - Robert Forster as Arthur Petrelli, Zachary Quinto as Sylar, Kristen Bell as Elle, Blake Shields as Flint, Ali Larter as Tracy Strauss and Jamie Hector as Knox courtesy Chris Haston/NBC

Heroes - Season 3 -

Last night we learned that Claire is the catalyst that will make the formula Mohinder is perfecting work.  But most of us guessed that back in the season opener when Kaito (via a recording) told Hiro that the one with the pure blood was the key.

Sure Adam was a contender for the role for a while, but since he’s long been disposed of, it left Claire.

What would have been more interesting was to find out how Kaito made her the catalyst?  Surely, he did it while she was in his custody as a baby.  But how?  And why her?  Was it because of her healing ability?  Or was it just coincidence that she was the one available?  Did Kaito realize that she was a Petrelli?  Or did he and it was just an extra bonus to keep the catalyst right under their noses?

And just how will she be used to make the formula work?

Also not a big surprise given last week’s flashback, Elle and Sylar get close as he – after prompting by Arthur – helps her rid herself of pain and control her power again. 

Sylar is really becoming a nice guy, well except for the part where he is working for Arthur.  This empathy thing is really working for him.  I’m just having trouble finding him so likeable after wanting him dead for two seasons.

Meanwhile, Matt tries to help Angela by jumping in her mind.  But instead he finds Arthur disguised as Daphne, who stabs him.  Now, Matt must really love the speedster because there is no way after being stabbed that I would have brought her into my mind when she asked.  And even after he finds out she’s double crossed him, he stays with her.

In the end Arthur releases Angela.  Did Angela use the power of persuasion on him or was there still some semblance of love between them?

Back in Tokyo, Hiro – or rather Ando – is dealing with the side effects of Arthur’s attack on Hiro.  What I don’t understand is why Arthur didn’t just take Hiro’s powers?  Or was that what he was doing and Ando interrupted, leaving Hiro thinking he was 10?

In the end the sides line up and wait for what’s coming – an eclipse.

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2 Responses to Heroes’ Claire’s Specialness Revealed on “It’s Coming”

  1. ray says:

    man, this episode makes me think his ability isn’t to take away other people’s abilities, but it might be a combination of two. in the mental battle in Angela’s brain, he exhibited a wide range of Maury’s powers. Perhaps his ability is to copy abilities by touch, and then uses Maury’s power to damage the brain enough to stop the ability or make the person think they dont have abilities anymore. We know that the brain is in control of the abilites and he does know how to damage specific brain functions, down to a single memory.

    Anyways, Hiro needs to step up!

  2. […] Heroes’ Claire’s Specialness Revealed on “It’s Coming” […]

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