Cheerleader in Peril as ‘the Eclipse’ Starts on Heroes

In Heroes “The Eclipse Part 1,” the eclipse has begun and it’s having the reverse effect of the one we saw in Season 1.  But we knew exactly what was going to happen this episode because we saw Arthur’s sketches at the beginning.

Heroes - Season 3 - "The Eclipse" Part 1 - Jimmy Jean-Louis as The Haitian and Milo Ventimiglia as Peter courtesy Adam Taylor/NBC

Heroes - Season 3 -

It was pretty funny watching everyone try to use powers they no longer have, particularly the overconfident Sylar and Elle.  The shocked look on Sylar’s face when his power didn’t work on HRG was priceless.  It’s amazing how reliant they’ve all become on their powers.

The best part was that Mohinder was finally back to normal.  Not that I’m a huge Mohinder fan.  It’s just that he was reaching an all-time low in the gross out factor and I’m not sure if I could take much more. 

But what does the newly healed scientist do?  Sets out to stalk Maya.  I’d be more concerned with whether or not this change was permanent.  Will he go back to being creepy dude when the eclipse finishes?

Nathan and Peter spend their time squabbling, too much brother revelry pent up I guess.  They find the Haitian who won’t leave until he stops his brother, a Level 5 escapee.

While the boys are gone, Angela goes to Nathan’s office where she finds Tracy, who happens to be on the phone with Arthur getting orders to go to Paris Island.  I didn’t understand this scene at all.  Why did Angela go there?  Does she know Tracy’s working with Arthur and if so, why didn’t she confront Tracy?  What was the purpose of this scene?

Meanwhile, Matt finally learns Daphne’s big secret when she goes home to Lawrence, Kansas and loses her powers.  I can see why she liked her ability.  I’m just curious why her dad didn’t get out his shotgun and chased Matt and company out of his corn fields.

Hiro still thinks he’s 10 so he and Ando head to the nearest comic book store to find the latest copy of 9th Wonder to tell them what to do and they find Seth Green.  I really hope we get to see more of Seth in the next episode.  But my big question is this:  who is writing 9th Wonder now that Isaac is dead?  Surely, he didn’t have three to six months written ahead of schedule.

And the big cliff hanger is the precious catalyst – I mean Claire – is shot when she jumps in front of a bullet meant for HRG, a man she is obviously very angry at for leaving so often.  So what does HRG do after patching up the now mortal Claire?  Leave, of course, and return to take vengeance on Sylar and Elle who are still licking their wounds.

Guess we are back to “Save the Cheerleader.”

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