Nothing Like Starting the New Year with a Slip of the Tongue

Every year we host a New Year’s Eve party for my kids and their friends.  It’s a great system – the kids entertain each other in the playroom and the parents get toasted in the kitchen.

I know what you’re thinking a New Year’s Eve party for three year olds?  Don’t knock it, we have a blast.

One of the activities we do to build the excitement with the kids is “Countdown Bags.”  Every half hour the kids get to open a brown paper sack to find some new piece of paraphernalia – hats, horns, etc. – to help with the countdown to midnight.

This year one of the bags held beads in hot metallic colors for each of the kids to wear.  On the end of each strand of beads was a disco looking ball.

I’m big on pictures and I wanted one of all the kids with their prize.  So I liked the kids up and asked them to “show me your balls.”

Honestly, this incident was still early in the night and I had only had one or two drinks.

Luckily, the kids were too young to understand the double entendre.  Now the parents they are a different story.  They totally understood what I said and I spent the rest of the night trying to live it down.


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