Idol Jonesing for Talent in Jacksonville

I’m starting to get a bad feeling about Season 8 of American Idol after watching the slim pickings at the Jacksonville auditions.  Only 16 tickets were given out tonight.

Let’s face it the judges were more entertaining than the Day 1 contenders.  First they mixed it up with Simon sitting next to Kara and Randy to the right of Paula.  They really mixed up the seating arrangements later when Paula sat on Simon’s lap and Ryan sat on Kara’s because the friend of an auditioner sat on Randy’s lap.

We were also treated to a weird scene were Paula pretended to give Kara a kiss for what seemed no apparent reason.  And during another audition, Paula got up and walked out when no one asked her opinion on the singer.  Anyone else see foreshadowing there?

Due to some technical difficulties with my local Fox station, I didn’t get to see the first few minutes and judging by what the judges let through that first day I’m not sure I’m missing anything.

I tuned in in time to see Joshua Ulloa add a few sound effects to Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get it On” to win a spot in Hollywood.  Personally I just thought it was weird.

Next up Sharon Wilbur asked Simon to hold her dog Sasha while she sang “Superstar” by Karen Carpenter.  Simon must have gotten really attached to that dog, because I still can’t figure out what the judges saw in that performance.

But the judges were definitely seeing or at least hearing something I wasn’t because then they put through beauty queen Julissa Veloz whose performance was anything but flattering to Whitney Houston.

Even the rejects were boring for Day 1, but things were looking up the next day when we met three real contenders.

Accompanied by her adoring sisters, Jasmine Murray showed us that “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”  Not only did she have a nice voice, but as Simon put it, she was cute and commercial.

Also winning a ticket was two-time auditioner T.K. Hash.  I don’t remember having seen T.K. audition before, but I liked him tonight.  Randy thought his version of John Lennon’s “Imagine” was over the top.  I was more impressed with it that I was with Archuleta’s last year.

And the last golden ticket winner we saw was Anne Marie Boskovich.  The judges actually made her come back twice.  I don’t know why since she obviously had strong enough voice to be a real contender.  They told her she need to show her inner star and she did with Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly.

The second day was much better than the first in Jacksonville, but overall the talent was pretty thin.  Tomorrow Idol heads to the home of last year’s runner up David Archuleta – Salt Lake City.

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  1. […] Idol Jonesing for Talent in Jacksonville […]

  2. […] Idol Jonesing for Talent in Jacksonville […]

  3. […] Idol Jonesing for Talent in Jacksonville […]

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