Osmonds Headline Salt Lake City Idol Auditions

You might think you’ve seen everything on the American Idol auditions over the years.  But the appearance of an Osmond at the Salt Lake City auditions tonight has me screaming gimmick!

You can’t tell me that the Osmond family don’t have enough star power and influence to launch a career for one of their own.  So the appearance of David Osmond as a contestant seems like a setup.  Are the Osmonds that desperate to resurrect their name that they must use the Idol hype? 

Or were the Idol auditions so boring this year that we needed a few big names – Osmond, Jason Castro’s brother – to drum up some enthusiasm?  And if the Osmond name wasn’t enough, David had a story to go with his audition – both he and his father have MS.

David, who sang Take 6’s “Something Within Me,” is the son of Alan, the oldest of the performing Osmonds.  You could tell that he came from a family of performers.  He was very polished and despite his family’s notoriety he took the judges’ criticism well.

Following David, two golden tickets were given to young moms – Frankie Jordan and Megan Corkrey — both had nice voices and a big cute factor.  Simon even called Megan memorable, but couldn’t remember her name in the closing montage.  These girls will need to work hard to distinguish themselves from the masses.

The rest of the evening went to high school students, appropriate because Salt Lake City is home to both last year’s runner up 16-year-old David Archuleta and the High School Musical franchise.

Perseverance won the day for senior class president Austin Sisneros whose voice had potential but his audition was hampered by bad song choices.  Still the judges were willing to give him another chance in Hollywood.  He’s going to have to really work on choosing better songs.  Maybe if he wears that class sweater, it’ll help.

Memories of Jordan Sparks might have helped Taylor Vaifanau snag a trip to Hollywood.  But her rendition of “Joyful, Joyful” was probably enough to nail it for her.  This girl has a nice voice, but will it be enough?

And last up was Rose Flack, the 17-year-old who lost both her parents.  Although she had a decent voice when she sang “I Felt the Earth Move” by Carol King, I don’t think it’s enough to win the title.  But the judges saw something they liked in her and gave her a golden ticket.

Most of the rest of the hour was filled with montages that showed us very little of the good or the bad.  But we did get treated to a couple of interesting performances including Tara Mathew, the girl who claimed to have ESP and dressed in all black (although she swears it wasn’t a Goth statement), but couldn’t see the rejection coming.

And then of course, there was Greg the Rabbit.  You got to love a man willing to wear a giant pink bunny suit to support his buddy.  Anyone else have flashbacks from the Christmas Story movie?

We get an extra night of Idol this week when the show returns on Thursday with a double feature of auditions from both San Juan and New York.

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  1. […] Osmonds Headline Salt Lake City Idol Auditions […]

  2. […] Osmonds Headline Salt Lake City Idol Auditions […]

  3. […] Osmonds Headline Salt Lake City Idol Auditions […]

  4. […] Osmonds Headline Salt Lake City Idol Auditions […]

  5. […] Osmonds Headline Salt Lake City Idol Auditions […]

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