The Best Commercials from Super Bowl XLIII

Another Super Bowl has come and gone and those of us not celebrating a victory are left to discuss the commercials, of course.

However, I have to say that I thought the game was actually more interesting that the commercials this year.  Usually I put together a Top 10 list, but this year I only found five that I really liked.

Without further ado, here’s my Top 5 Super Bowl commercials.

1.  The Nextel Roadies

I am a big fan of the Sprint/Nextel’s “If they ran the world” commercials to begin with and I really liked these latest addition.  And it was well placed right before the halftime show.

2.  Budweiser Clydesdale Plays Fetch

The Budweiser commercials featuring the Clydesdales are always my favorites.  This year I believe there were three, but the one I liked most was where the Clydesdale decides to play fetch.

3.  Alec Baldwin and Hulu

This Balwin commercial I think might be the first one I’ve ever seen for Hula, but I loved it.  When he said he thought he was drooling a little, I cracked up.

4.  Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Drive

My kids love their Mr. and Mrs. Potato Heads so they were glued to the TV during this episode.  But I about lost it when I saw the Mrs. break out the angry eyes!

5. It’s Time

The visualization of punching the small animals is what really set this one off for me.  I thought my husband was going to fall off the couch he was laughing so hard

A few other commercials were cute, but nothing to write home about.  What did you think?


4 Responses to The Best Commercials from Super Bowl XLIII

  1. vacelts says:

    I really enjoyed some of the previews for upcoming movies too. There were so many to choose from I’m not sure which one I’m most excited about. My kids are very excited about Monster vs. Alien. My daughter kept shouting, I like the blue guy (the glob).

    What commercial did you like best? Which movie preview was the best?

  2. well i love these commercials.

  3. Digger says:

    Well, it’s good that you went through and made sure your spelling was correct buuuuuuut as for counting Ima hafta give ya a big ol FAIL

  4. Raoul F. says:

    I thought the Hulu commercial was funny the first couple of times I saw it. But now that I realize it’s literally true — that the reptilians and their willing slaves in Hollywood are using mass entertainment to turn our brains to jelly — I don’t think it’s so funny anymore.

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