Bikini Girl Blows Idol’s Hollywood Round 2

Drama was the name of the game during the second round of American Idol’s Hollywood phase as contestants team up and the competition turns cut throat. 

A real diva is hiding behind that smile.  Photo courtesy American Idol

A real diva is hiding behind that smile. Photo courtesy American Idol

Catfights, name calling, everything but hair pulling made this round of Idol look more like an episode of Survivor instead of a talent contest.  We endured 30 minutes of squabbling before we ever got to see anyone sing.

Producers might think that conflict sells, but we want to see it on stage!

Two familiar faces were leading the drama during rehearsals.

Showing her true side – and let me tell you it wasn’t pretty – was none other than Bikini Girl.  First Katrina Darrell bails on rehearsing with her team because she was “tired.”  Then her team had to come to her room to find her the morning of the performance and she blows them off.  Finally, at the last minute she shows up. 

And when Jasmine Murray became the only one in their group to make the cut – and Jasmine deserved it – Katrina refused to congratulate her.

But stirring up trouble worked out a little better for Tatiana Del Torro.  No sign of her creepy laugh as she jumped ship from her group during rehearsal, joined another group and then abandoned them to return to the original group.

However, everyone in Tatiana’s original group made it through to the next round including two that we saw for the first time – Kaylan Lloyd from the Louisville auditions and Muna Hiluf who auditioned in Phoenix.

The group that Tatiana joined temporarily did not fare as well.  Team Compromise was less than impressive, but the judges let through two of its three members – Nathaniel Marshall, who performed better tonight than in Round 1 and a new face from the Louisville auditions Kristin McNamara

Many others did not survivor Group Night including Emily Wynne-Hughes who bailed on her girl band to audition for Idol and Rose Flack who forgot the words.

But the most shocking cut was David Osmond.  What was so bad that the Osmond got cut so early in the competition?  We don’t know.  They never showed his team perform.

But among the wreckage a couple groups rose in harmony.

White Chocolate made an awesome quartet.  India Morrison from Kansas City along with Louisville auditioners Matt Giraud and Kris Allen joined a fresh face – Justin Williams from the Phoenix auditions – to make sweet music.  If these guys don’t make it on Idol, they should form a group.

The only other group we saw unanimously passed was the Rainbow Coalition that included buddies Danny Gokey and Jamar Rogers and 16-year-old Taylor Vaifanua.  I didn’t catch the name of their fourth member.

A few others we saw survived their group included Austin Sisneros, J.B. Ahfua, Alex Wagner-Trugman, Anne Marie Boskovich, Michael Sarver, Adam Lambert, Matt Breitzke, and Jesse Langseth.

In all 75 made the cut and will remain for Round 3.





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  1. […] Bikini Girl Blows Idol’s Hollywood Round 2 […]

  2. […] Bikini Girl Blows Idol’s Hollywood Round 2 […]

  3. […] Bikini Girl Blows Idol’s Hollywood Round 2 […]

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