Simon Sends an Idol Home Without a Care

This week’s American Idol results shocker wasn’t who was in the Bottom Three or even in who was sent home, but in how this contestant was sent home.  Man, it was harsh, but well deserved.

Photo courtesy of American Idol

Photo courtesy of American Idol

When Ryan announced Megan Joy’s departure and turned to the judges to see their feeling on the Judges Save.  Simon told her when you said you don’t care, neither do we.  The judges didn’t even consider her encore.

Now that might sound harsh, but given Megan’s attitude tonight I can’t blame him.  I wanted to kick her off myself.  Let’s review some of Megan’s insolence tonight.

First when Ryan asked Simon who he thought was in trouble, Simon mentioned Megan, Matt Giraud and Anoop Desai.  Instead of looking disappointed or sad, Megan puts on the cheesiest smile and waves at the camera.  Basically, she was throwing in Simon’s face that she didn’t care about his opinion. 

She continued this cheesy smile ever time her name was mentioned.  Then during the review of her performance, when asked what she thought of Simon’s comments about her performance Tuesday night, she said she didn’t really care.  Wow, why bother being on the show if you aren’t there to improve your skills.

Adding to the bizarre behavior, when she was sent to the Bottom Three she crowed and waved her arms.  For what reason? I have no idea.  Obviously, it was some kind of inside joke with the other contestants.

And the final straw was when Ryan was announcing the results; she had this obviously fake suspense look on her face.  Sure the show has its corny moments, but she really showed no respect for the show or the other contestants who are still in the game, in my opinion.

Before tonight I had thought she was this nice girl who just couldn’t find the right song, but now I’m so glad she’s gone.

Also keeping Megan company in the Bottom Three after the more than 36 million votes, but with a lot more respect were Allison Iraheta and Anoop.  Allison was sent to safety first.

But the evening was not all bad.  The highlight was the return of last year’s Idol winner David Cook to remind us why he won.  I really enjoyed his new hit single “Come Back to Me,” however I would have been happy to hear an encore of “Hello” or “Billy Jean” from him.  But I understand; he’s got a platinum album to promote.

In total contrast, the second guest performer was Lady GaGA singing “Poker Face.”  While I think she has a nice voice, the performance was a little over the top for me.  And the zipper across her eye was just creepy.  All I can hope is that we don’t see a group number from the contestants like that anytime soon. 

Speaking of the group performance, I know it is about all of the contestants performing.  But I would have been happy to hear just Allison and Kris Allen sing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” instead.  They would have made a nice duet.

The rest of the show was filled with your typical fluff.  We got a glimpse into the life of an Idol contestant and learned about their photo shoots and interviews, their private chef and how they spend their free time.  Man, their life is real rough.  I want my own personal chef.  Although most of this video was boring, I did enjoy watching Kris trying to show us his “sexy face.”

But from the video and the following banter between the contests, it seems that this year’s group really gets along.  Maybe it was just for show, but they appear to be good friends.  They are even willing to do impressions of each other.  But personally, I think the impressions were probably funnier back at their mansion than on nationwide television.  Idol producers must really be struggling to fill the time.

The Ford video “Mixed Up” also relayed the contestants’ playful attitude.  However, the mixed up faces of the contestants made for some interesting people.

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  1. […] Simon Sends an Idol Home Without a Care […]

  2. […] Simon Sends an Idol Home Without a Care […]

  3. […] Simon Sends an Idol Home Without a Care […]

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