Judges Use the Save, Idol Remains at 7

The American Idol judges finally did it.  They pulled out the save card and they used it.  The good news is that Matt Giraud is staying for another week.  The bad news is two contestants get eliminated next week.

Jennifer Hudson returns to the Idol stage.  Photo courtesy of American Idol.

Jennifer Hudson returns to the Idol stage. Photo courtesy of American Idol.

I didn’t expect to be so emotional as Matt sang for his life.  But as I listened to what I thought was a much better version of “Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman?” than what we heard on Tuesday, I found myself hoping against hope that the judges would pull out their trump card.

I was not surprised to find Matt in the Bottom Three, but I thought it would be one of his fellow bottom dwellers – Lil Round or Anoop Desai – who would be sent home.  Deservedly so, Anoop was saved right away.  But I was shocked to find Lil safe.

The competition will be extra rough next week when the Top 7 face off again, because two heads will be on the chopping block.

But if anyone has any doubt that there is life after Idol even if you aren’t then winner than they need to look no further than this week’s guest performer and Season 3 finalist Jennifer Hudson.  The Oscar and Grammy winner returned to the Idol stage to sing “If This Isn’t Love.”

I didn’t watch Idol back when Jennifer was on the show, but I can see why she’s been so successful.  I thought the song was beautiful.

Also guest performing was Miley Cyrus, the star of the Hannah Montana:  The Movie.  Now that is one composed 16-year old.  And I have to say she looked and sounded beautiful tonight.  My daughter will be very disappointed she missed this performance because she really likes “The Climb.”  We already own the soundtrack and listen to it daily.

It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed an opening number on Idol.  Usually I’m a fan of them, but since they’ve been lip syncing them I’ve lost interest.  Until tonight.  The group version of “Maniac” from the movie Flashdance had a lot of energy.  And I enjoyed seeing the judges get into it as well.  Or it could just be that I enjoyed the flashback to ’80s.

On the other hand, Ford Video to “Freeze Frame” was predictable.  They do this contestants-on-the-magazine-cover thing every year.  I think the Ford video people are running out of ideas.

And it was only fitting given this week’s theme that the Top 7 got to go to a movie premiere on Tuesday.  They saw the premiere of 17 Again, which opens this weekend and stars teen idol Zac Efron.

Next week the theme is Disco.  Get out your bell bottoms and platform shoes.

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  1. […]  Judges Use the Save, Idol Remains at 7 […]

  2. […]  Judges Use the Save, Idol Remains at 7 […]

  3. […]  Judges Use the Save, Idol Remains at 7 […]

  4. […]  Judges Use the Save, Idol Remains at 7 […]

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