Idol Down to Four Men, One Woman

After 45 million votes, American Idol has dwindled down the finalists to five.  After saving Matt Giraud last week, two contenders were sent home after less than stellar disco performances.

Last year's runner up, David Archuleta returns to the Idol stage.

Last year's runner up, David Archuleta returns to the Idol stage.

No suspense tonight as Ryan got right to the first elimination (not bottom three spot, but elimination) 16 minutes into the show.  And that’s okay, because I don’t know that there was anyone out there that didn’t expect Lil Rounds to be sent packing this week.

Ironically, her version of “I’m Every Woman” was 10 times better tonight than anything she’s sang in weeks.  It’s amazing at how much better she sounded when she didn’t have to worry about being judged.

It took the rest of the hour to whittle down the other six to Anoop and Allison sitting on the stools.  I have to say that I was surprised to see Allison there instead of Matt, because I think she gave a better performance Tuesday.  In the end it was Anoop singing his swan song.

But I have to wonder if the judges were at all worried.  If Allison had the lowest votes, it would have been an all male Top 5 and the judges had already used their save.

For those of you who wanted to hear real disco, the producers brought out a medley of former disco performers including KC minus his Sunshine Band and one-hit wonders Freda Payne and Thelma Houston.

The Top 7 also performed their group number to “Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground) by The Jackson 5.  But this week, the contestants really had to work hard in this number because Paula did the choreography for this number.  It’s about time Paula starts earning that paycheck!

And finally, returning to the stage tonight was last year’s runner up, David Archuleta, singing “Touch My Hand.”  To me, he sounded just like he did last season.  Now I’ve never been a big Archie fan, so I didn’t expect to suddenly like his song, but at the least I expected him to have a bit of a makeover.  But he looks exactly the same.

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