Idol Results: Danny Screeches to Safety

After Tuesday’s train wreck performance, I thought for sure that tonight’s American Idol results show would be the end of the line for Danny Gokey.  But apparently Danny’s got some unbelievable luck or some devoted (although deaf) fans.

Daughtry debuts new single "No Surprise."  Photo Courtesy of American Idol.

Daughtry debuts new single "No Surprise." Photo Courtesy of American Idol.

The announcement of the Top 3 was given in random order this week – no bottom three (or two).  But that didn’t diminish the surprise when Kris Allen was sent to safety first, especially after the judges panned his performance on Tuesday.  Kris really is a dark horse contender.

Adam Lambert was sent to safety next, but that was no surprise.  Even if he didn’t have a great performance Tuesday (which he did), I’m sure his fans would have turned out in droves after last week’s appearance in the Bottom 2.

But the big surprise really came next.  Apparently even after 64 million votes, Danny can do no wrong – including butchering an Aerosmith song – because Allison got sent home tonight.  And now we have three men in the finals.

The rest of the night went to a slew of performance.  First up, the group number.

Slash plays the guitar for “School’s Out” as the Final Four open the show.  Glad to see Slash perform, but overall I wasn’t impressed with the song.  It’s a good thing none of Tuesday’s performances were a quartet.

Next up, Judge Paula Abdul tries to relive the glory days with what looked like a lip-synched performance of her single “I’m Just Here for the Music.”  I think the contestants should have had the opportunity to give her a critique – not that it would have mattered since it was pre-recorded.

But the live performance of “Just a Girl” by No Doubt more than made up for having to watch Paula.  I can’t say that I was digging Gwen Stefani’s look, but the girl can sing.  Actually, I think my husband liked the lime green bra.  Guess I’m going to have to get one.

And lastly, Chris Daughtry returned to the Idol stage with his band Daughtry to debut his new single “No Surprise.”  Chris is living proof that you don’t have to win Idol to be successful.  I really enjoyed his performance and even turned to my husband to asked why we don’t have a Daughtry album (he was on the show before I started watching it).

Overall, not a bad night of performances.  Next week the Top 3 go home.

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4 Responses to Idol Results: Danny Screeches to Safety

  1. poetry12 says:

    Yes! I can’t wait until next Tuesday! It’s the Battle of the Boys! Go Kris Allen! Down with Adam Lambert! 😀

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