Damon to Guest Star on ‘Arthur’

August 15, 2007

I’m guessing that it won’t be his box office success with The Borne Ultimatum that will capture Matt Damon’s daughter’s attention, but his latest guest starring role.  An animated Damon will guest star on the September 3 episode of Arthur, according to the Boston Herald.

Matt DamonDamon, complete with animal ears and nose, will host “Postcards from You” that encourage children to send in homemade videos and will cause the friendly aardvark and his friends to produce their own vidoes for submission.

I think it’s great when actors and actresses take time to guest star in children’s programs, especially stars that are parents too.  Tina Fey was on Sesame Street this week.

Personally, I don’t think my children would know who Matt Damon is, but then again they are only two.  But it’s still a great idea.  Also, guest stars like Damon are a great way to get the parents to watch these shows with the kids.