‘Back to the Future’ Hover Board Now Viable

August 9, 2007

First the DeLorean comes back on the market, now the hover board from the Back to the Future trilogy is on the verge of becoming a reality.

HoverboardNo, don’t head for the nearest toy store to reserve your hover board before the Christmas rush.  As far as I know there are no plans yet to make and market the hover board.  But the good news is that the technology to create the hover board now exists.

According to The Telegraph, physicists in Scotland have discovered how to cause levitation by reversing something called the Casimir Force.  The science behind this breakthrough is Greek to me, so read the article if you want the details.

Sure, there are probably a lot more practical applications for this new discovery, but a hover board sounds like the most fun.

The cool thing is that even if we couldn’t have the hover board we admired when we watched Back to the Future as kids, there is hope that our children or grandchildren might.

No word yet on whether it’ll work over water.

In the meantime, it looks like the Jetsons’ ride might be available for those of you who don’t mind the $146,000 price tag.


DeLoreans like in ‘Back to the Future’ might be back on the market

August 2, 2007

Everyone remembers the car from the Back to the Future trilogy.  Aside from being a time machine, the car was cool because the engine was in the back and the doors opened up.  Well DeLoreans, like the one in the movie, are about to be back on the market.

DeLoreanAccording to the LA Times, DeLorean Motors is planning on re-releasing the DeLorean car in the next year or so.  Since production of the car ended 25 years ago, the company has been repairing and refurbishing the more than 6,500 DeLoreans still on the road.

Who knew when the last car rolled off the production line in 1982 that the car would be made famous in the 1985 hit Back to the Future.  To be honest with you before the movie, I’d never heard of the DeLorean.  But hey, I was only 13.

Also, little did I know, that besides the actual cars used in the movie, there are still so many DeLoreans driving around.  Yet, I can’t actually recall coming across one on the street.  But apparently, if you head to the Universal Studios theme park in Hollywood next week you can catch sight of one due to an event that is suppose to attract DeLoreans in the three digits.

However, if you’d like to own one of the new DeLoreans due out, you’d better put your order in early.  The DeLorean Motor Company is only expecting to produce 20 or so at a time.  Although no price was mentioned in the article, I bet you can expect a pretty price tag.  The cars ran in the $20,000 bracket in the ’80s.

Still you have to admit the car has class.  With the gull-winged doors and all that chrome, the car looks futuristic, even today.