‘End of the World’ Might Not be the End of ‘Pirates’

April 9, 2007

Avast me hearties, I have good news for all you Pirates of the Caribbean fans.  LA Times confirms rumors that Johnny Depp is willing to reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow and that a fourth Pirates of Caribbean film might not be such a far fetch dream.

Captain Jack SparrowThis news does not surprise me.  Since the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie, “The Curse of the Black Pearl,” was released, every interview I’ve read about Johnny Depp has talked about how much fun he’s had with the Captain Jack Sparrow character.  And since “Dead Man’s Chest” premiered last year, Depp has stated that he’ll hate to see his time as Captain Jack end.

Apparently someone at Walt Disney Studios is listening. 

“If Johnny’s interested, why wouldn’t they?” Pirates Director Rick Heinrichs says. 

I truly hope that this news come to fruition — Depp has never made pirates look so good.  However, if a fourth movie does surface, it’ll be a whole new storyline.

“At World’s End” is suppose to be wrapped up the storylines from the first two movies and is truly an end to the trilogy.  From what I understand viewers will have closure as we see each character’s journey come to a definitive end.  But that doesn’t mean that Captain Jack Sparrow can’t have another adventure!  If fact, I can’t see Captain Jack not stirring the pot somewhere.

Long live Captain Jack Sparrow!

(graphic by Donna Walsh at hipart.com)