Simpsonizing My Family

July 30, 2007

I had so much fun simponizing myself last week, that I can’t stop playing.  So now I’ve simpsonized my whole family. 

Here are the twins:
My DaughterMy Son

And here’s my husband:

My Husband

And here’s the whole family



Become a Simpson Character

July 27, 2007

Think the guest stars are one of the best parts of The Simpsons?  Wish you could be one yourself?  Now you can.

Simpson MeWith The Simpsons Movie opening today in theaters, fans can’t get enough of the Simpson.  But now you can become one yourself.  This site let’s you Simpsonize yourself.  You’ll need to have an photo you can upload.

It was kind of fun to do.  The photo here is my Simpson self.

Here’s more Simpson fun to enjoy before or after the big movie.

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Simpson Personality Test — Which Simpson are you most like?

Tour Springfield — Visit all of Homer’s favorite places.

So sit back with your favorite donut with sprinkles and enjoy.