Bring on the Boys of Summer

April 4, 2007

Nothing says summer is on its way like the start of baseball season.  For me, baseball season is a rite of passage into the lazy days of summer.

Baseball is meant to be enjoyed at a slow and relaxing pace.  The best way to watch baseball is lounging in the bleachers behind home plate with the sun beating down on your scoresheet as you cheer on the home team with a bag of peanuts and a frosty beverage in the other.

I read an article in the Washington Post about a woman trying to become a baseball fan in one season.  I applaud her for her effort, but wonder if she’ll be succesful. 

She’s prepped for opening day by reading a preview guide.  But I don’t think that the stats will mean much to her until she understands the game — and to understand the game, you must watch it in person.

Richmond BravesBaseball is slow enough paced that after a few games and a good teacher she should be able to understand the basics — that is if she can free herself of her “busy life” (her words, not mine), at least momentarily, to really enjoy baseball.

To truly love baseball,  one must embrace it.  I’m a Alpha Mom complete with career, kids, friends and hobbies, but when I’m at a baseball game the rest of the world ceases to exist.

In fact, my family and I look forward to baseball games for that exact reason.  It gives us a break from our hectic lives, a chance to enjoy something together without the phone ringing or the pager going off.  Baseball forces (in a good way) me to relax, to sit back and enjoy life — if only for seven innings.

Baseball is not for the impetuous.  You must watch patiently as each play leisurely unfolds.  One pitch could take five minutes  — the pitcher takes his position, gets a sign from the catcher, waives it off, gets another until he finds the one he wants, checks the runners, throws to a base to assure a runner that stealing will not be tolerated, finally he winds up and releases.  Then we start all over again.

But you can take time between plays to enjoy the beautiful weather or the excellent company that you are with.

My kids were barely two months old when they went to their first game and we’ve been every year since.  Baseball is a great family activity.  And we are lucky enough to have a minor league team in our town.

So sit back, relax in the beautiful weather and enjoy a leisurely game of baseball, cheering on the home team.  Spend some quality time with the famly and bring on the boys of summer!  Play Ball!!!!