Fringe Premiere Promises New Hit, Lots of Intrigue

September 10, 2008

If I only watch one new show this fall, it’ll have to be J.J. Abram’s Fringe.  Last night’s premiere just happened to be my first glimpse into the new fall season and judging from Fringe‘s debut this season should be a good one.

Fringe trio Walter, Olivia and Peter

FRINGE: An unlikely trio uncovers a deadly mystery involving a series of unbelievable events and realizes they may be part of a larger, more disturbing pattern that blurs the line between the possible and the impossible on FRINGE premiering Tuesday, Sept. 9 (8:00-9:35 PM ET/PT) this fall on FOX. Pictured L-R: John Noble, Anna Torv, Jasika Nicole and Joshua Jackson ©2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Mark Ben Holzberg/FOX

Fox’s new series reminded me of an updated X-Files with a dash of Alias‘ science, Lost‘s intrigue and 24‘s terrorists.  And like the X-files, fans will find that the “truth is out there” and I for one am looking for to the adventure to find it.

But unlike our friends Scully and Mulder, this team isn’t looking for aliens.  Instead they are looking for those behind “The Pattern” – a series of mysterious events that are a result of experiments by ethically challenged scientists dabbling in “fringe” science – science dealing with topics on the fringe of science like genetic mutation, reanimation, mind control, invisibility teleportation and astral projection.

In the opening episode, we see just one of these events when all the passengers and flight crew of Glatterflug Flight 627 (so glad they didn’t use Oceanic, but what is it that Abrams has against planes) mysteriously die after a bioterrorism agent is released leaving nothing more than skeletons and piles of body fluids and tissues.  (yes, it was a little gruesome to watch.)

In the search for the scientist responsible for releasing the toxin, FBI agent Olivia Dunham’s partner and lover John Scott (Mark Valley) is exposed to the raw ingredients of the toxin in an explosion leaving him to a slowed version of the same fate dealt to the Flight 627 passengers.

Now Olivia (Anna Torv) must not only solve the mystery behind Flight 627, she must find a cure for John.  Her research leads her to Walter Bishop (John Noble), a brilliant scientist who did research in fringe science for the government in the 70s and 80s.  In fact, his work turns out to be the basis for the contagion used in Flight 627.

But Walter isn’t a suspect.  For the last 17 years he has been incarcerated in a mental hospital following the death of one of his lab assistants and speculation that he was conducting tests on humans.  Now he is allowed no visitors outside of family.

Since Walter might hold the key to not only Flight 627, but treatment for John, Olivia seeks out Walter’s only son, Peter (Joshua Jackson), to gain access to Walter.  A genius in his own right, Peter has refused to follow in the footsteps of the “mad scientist” father he’s separated himself from for so many years, choosing instead to wander from job to job and place to place getting himself into his own trouble in the process.

Together the trio – Olivia, Walter and Peter – work to solve the case and save John from the toxin.  But what they discover changes their perspectives forever.  The threesome then signs up to work for Homeland Security Agent Phillip Broyles (Lance Reddick, The Wire and Lost) to investigate The Pattern.

I originally tuned in because I like J.J. Abrams and I’m a big Pacey – I mean Joshua Jackson – fan, but I’ll be returning for the intrigue.  There were a few predictable moments like how the team came to work for Broyles, but for the most part, I was on the edge of my seat throughout the show.

The show is also laced with a nice blend of humor.  The cow in the first episode was my favorite especially when they are all eating lunch with it. 

Joshua Jackson does a great job of showing his character’s conflict between his interest (and knack) for the science with his distrust of his father.  Peter acts as Walter’s conscious preventing him from becoming Dr. Frankenstein.  As Olivia says, Peter is the only one who can “speak Walter.”

It’s also easy to see that there will be some chemistry between Peter and Olivia in future episodes.  For being such a loner, Peter really seems to care about people.

I’m also very intrigued by the mysterious Massive Dynamics and the yet-unseen William Bell, who just happened to be Walter’s former lab partner.  It’ll be no mystery to learn that Massive Dynamics is behind The Pattern.  What will be surprising is to learn why and how far Bell and company have gone with the technology.

Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) – and her robotic arm – is very creepy as the Massive Dynamics Chief Operating Officer who warns Olivia that science has already gone too far to be controlled.

I, for one, am looking forward to the next episode.  This show has definitely earned a spot on the DVR this season.  Let’s just hope Fox doesn’t screw it up.

If you missed the premiere episode, Fox is re-airing it on Sunday, Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. or you can watch it online at

Anyone else catch this premiere? What did you think? Does the show have potential? What was your favorite part?

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Your Favorite Shows Are Finally Back, How Did You Survive?

April 8, 2008

Normally April brings warm showers and the first signs of spring.  But it’s bitterly cold and dreary here.  But nonetheless, I’m singing like a bird.  Because this April marks the return of our favorite television shows after a much too long hiatus brought on by the writer’s strike.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m doing a little happy dance (no video of said dance will be included) because finally television as we know is returning.  And even the threat of an actor’s strike will not overshadow my joy this month.

But in all honesty, I found plenty to do in the absence of my favorite shows.  I cleared off my DVR (it is now primed and ready for the April onslaught of shows), I watched BBC America (who knew I’d like British dramas), I read and read some more (including books on my favorite shows like Supernatural and Heroes), I’ve had plenty of field trips with my kids to museums and parks, and I’ve caught up on last summer’s blockbusters on DVD.

In fact, I’ve enjoyed a little break from my TV set.  But the break is over and I happily welcome the return of my shows.

Here’s a breakdown of the returning shows (source:  TV Guide):


8 p.m.

The Big Bang Theory on CBS, Returned March 17

Bones on Fox, Returns April 14

Gossip Girl on CW, Returns April 21

8:30 p.m.

How I Met Your Mother on CBS, Returned March 17

9 p.m.

Two and a Half Men on CBS, Returned March 17

House on Fox, Returns April 28

9:30 p.m.

Samantha Who? On ABC, Returned April 7

Rules of Engagement on CBS, Returns April 14

10 p.m.

CSI Miami on CBS, Returned March 24



8 p.m.

NCIS on CBS, Returns April 8

9 p.m.

Shark on CBS, Returns April 29

10 p.m.

Boston Legal on ABC, Returns April 8

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit on NBC, Returns April 14

Women’s Murder Club on ABC, Returns April 29


8 p.m.

‘Til Death on Fox, Returns April 15

8:30 p.m.

Back to You on Fox, Returns April 16

9 p.m.

Criminal Minds on CBS, Returned April 2

10 p.m.

CSI:NY on CBS, Returned on April 2

Law & Order on NBC, Returns April 23


8 p.m.

My Name is Earl on NBC, Returned April 3

Smallville on CW, Returns April 17

Ugly Betty on ABC, Returns April 24

8:30 p.m.

30 Rock on NBC, Returns April 10

9 p.m.

CSI on CBS, Returned April 3

The Office on NBC, Returns April 10

Supernatural on CW, Returns April 24

Grey’s Anatomy on ABC, Returns April 24

9:30 p.m.

Scrubs on NBC, Returns April 10

10 p.m.

Without a Trace on CBS, Returned April 3

ER on NBC, Returns April 10

Lost on ABC, Returns April 24


8 p.m.

Ghost Whisperer on CBS, Returned April 4

9 p.m.

Moonlight on CBS, Returns April 25

10 p.m.

Numbe3rs on CBS, Returned April 4


8:30 p.m.

Aliens in America on CW, Returns April 27

9 p.m.

The Game on CW, Returned March 23

Cold Case on CBS, Returned March 30

Desperate Housewives on ABC, Returns April 13

10 p.m.

Brothers & Sisters on ABC, Returns on April 20

The schedule looks a bit thin, but I think we will all take what we can get.  Mondays and Thursdays seem to be the nights that will pack the biggest punch.

How did you survive the strike?  What returning show are you looking forward to the most?

Does ‘Chuck’ hold the secret to ‘Lost’?

October 2, 2007

In the second episode of Chuck, we got a peek at some of the government secrets inside Chuck’s head.  And apparently he holds the answer to one of the biggest Lost mysteries.

Chuck and CaseyLast week, Chuck accidentally downloaded an encrypted file holding all the NSA and CIA secrets sent to him by his former roommate Bryce, a rogue agent who destroyed the original computer holding this valuable information.

Now both the NSA and the CIA are anxious to get their secrets back from a mere BuyMore employee who runs the NerdHerd.  In “Chuck vs. the Helicopter,” Sarah and Casey bring in a doctor who worked on the initial computer containing the secret files to extract the information from Chuck.

In order to keep his identity a secret because of his value, or rather the value of the information he holds, Chuck is put into a home entertainment theater at BuyMore behind closed curtains.  Meanwhile the doctor, in another part of the store, sends him images (remember that’s how the files are encrypted) and Chuck tells him what they mean.

Of course several of the topics were key items for conspiracy theorists everywhere, like who was behind the JFK assassination.  But the one secret that caught my attention was when a photo of a plane was shown and Chuck said “Oceanic Flight 815 was shot down by . . . ”

Unfortunately, the show panned back to the doctor as Chuck revealed the answer of who or what shot downs Oceanic Flight 815.

But as a Lost fan, the reference did give me a chuckle, especially since Chuck (NBC) and Lost (ABC) are on different networks.  But apparently the executive producer of Chuck, Josh Schwartz, is a big lost fan.

Personally, I find this show hilarious.  I was glad to see a little more Jayne (Firefly) in Adam Baldwin this episode.  His rescue attempts while being shot with a tranq dart were hysterical.

But if you are still on the fence about Chuck, this little tidbit might sway you.

The O.C. Rachel Bilson will be joining the cast of Chuck later this season, according to TV Guide.  Bilson, who played Summer Roberts on The O.C. also created by Schwartz, could possibly be Chuck’s next girlfriend.  But expect her to come with a few secrets of her own.

Although I didn’t like Summer’s character the first season of The O.C., she came to be one of my favorite characters on the show.  And she does have a knack for falling for nerds.  I hope to see more of this magic on Chuck.

And I think Sarah’s all wrong for Chuck.  Besides, he doesn’t want/need Bryce’s left overs.  If I knew when Bilson’s guest starring role would start, I’d be counting down the episodes. But since there is no word yet in which episodes Bilson will be, I’ll just sit back and enjoy Chuck.

If you’ve missed this episode, you can catch it on Bravo, Sunday at 1 p.m.

(Photo courtesy of NBC)

Top 10 Season Finales I Can’t Wait to Watch

May 10, 2007

Season finales are all about climax, closure and cliffhangers.  However, this season I feel like several shows have been building towards the season finale all year long.  Others, in a more traditional fashion, will leave us hanging until the fall.  Here are the Top 10 season finales that I’ll be scheduling time on the couch for and queuing the DVR.  **Be forewarned the text below might contain some spoilers.**

Supernatural:  “All Hell Breaks Loose”
Dean and SamIn this two-part finale, the Winchester boys are once again facing the yellow-eyed demon (Frederic Lehne).  We’ve been leading up to this moment since this big bad took their father earlier in the season.  After last season’s battle in the finale we knew it was just a matter of time before Dean (Jensen Ackles)  and Sam (Jared Padalecki) came face to face with their nemesis again. 

Throughout this season, the boys have met others, like Sam, that are being targeted by the yellow-eyed demon, during the finale we’ll see a couple of them again, including Ava (Katharine Isabelle) from Episode 10 “Hunted” and Andy (Gabriel Tigerman) from Episode 5 “Simon Said.”  We’ll also meet a few more, such as Jake (Aldis Hodge) and Lilly (Jessica Harmon), when Sam is abducted by the yellow-eyed demon and brought to an abandoned town to begin the big battle to end the human race.

Separated from Sam, Dean enlists help from fellow hunters Bobby (Jim Beaver) and Ash (Chad Lindberg) to save his brother and stop the demon.  But who is really on the Winchester brothers’ sides?  And who will betray them in the end?

If that isn’t enough action for you, both Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Samantha Smith will be on hand to reprise their roles as Dean and Sam’s parents, John and Mary Winchester.  How exactly two dead people will be in the finale episode opens up even more questions.  What really happened to Mama Winchester mom?  And is John truly dead?

It’ll be an exciting two hours.  And if this show doesn’t get picked up for a third season, we’ll know the yellow-eyed demon got to someone at CW.  The first part airs on Thursday, May  10 with the final hours hitting the screen on May 17.

Heroes: “How to Stop an Exploding Man”
This series has been building towards this “explosive” finale since the first episode.  As an audience, we are starting to see the pieces fall in place as the various heroes converge on New York to either stop or assure the success of an exploding man.  In my opinion, I think we are going to be seeing where some loyalties lie.

For instance, I still haven’t figured out where Angela Petrelli’s (Cristina Rose) allegiance are.  I’m pretty sure that she and her husband were once a part of Linderman’s justice league-type organization, but she doesn’t seem to relish those days.  So why would she allow her son Nathan (Adrian Pasdar) to buy into Linderman’s plan?  Does she see something in those premonition dreams she has that we don’t know about?  Or does the truth we learn about Nathan and Peter’s father in “Landslide” play a role?

I have a feeling that the older generation of heroes will play a big part in this finale and that we haven’t seen everyone’s powers yet.  We know that Hiro’s dad will return, with a few surprises of his own, to help Hiro (Masi Oka) in “Landslide.”  We know at one time Kaito Nakamura (George Takei) worked with Linderman, but is he still?

I also hear also haven’t seen the last of Simon Deveaux (Tawny Cypress) or her father, Charles (Richard Roundtree), a former patient of Peter (Milo Ventimiglia).  My guess is that it isn’t a coincidence that so much has happened on the top of the Deveaux Building.

Will they stop the exploding man?  Will it be Peter?  Will Hiro kill Sylar (Zachary Quinto) or will someone else?  Or does Sylar live?  Will Bennett (Jack Coleman) and company be able to destroy the Walker system when they realize it’s a little girl?  Or did Bennett already know?  

Need to catch up on a few episodes, check out the Heroes marathon on Sci Fi on May 19 or for a sneak preview checkout the TV Guide Channel Special “Heroes:  Final Super Secrets on May 15 at 8 p.m.

I can’t wait to find out these answers and more when the finale airs on May 21.  Not to mention, I am on the edge of my seat to find out what is in store for next season.  Let’s just hope it’s minus the long breaks between chapters. 

How I Met Your Mother:  “Something Blue”
One of the few sitcoms I watch, this show has kept me in stitches all season.  In “Something Borrowed,” we saw Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) finally say their I Dos.  And Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) learn that the phrase “It’s for the Bride” will get him almost anything.  Now, the finale is all about the reception.

Or is it about the secret that Ted (Josh Radnor) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) have?  A secret that will send Barney into a frenzy to find out.  I hear the secret involves free champagne and an engagement ring.  Could we finally get a hint at the elusive mother from the title?

Here’s another fun show that needs to be renewed.  Characters like these are golden and will be missed after the finale airs on May 14.

Bones: “The Stargazer in the Puddle”
If sexy Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and his partner Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) aren’t enough to get you to tune into this drama, check out the cool murder cases.  Of course, the season finale will include one of the stranger cases when Bones and company try to identify the remains of a female.  But there’s conflicting data about the person’s age — like 60+ years difference.

And despite Angela’s (Michaela Conlin) refusal of Hodgins’ (T.J. Thyne) proposal in “Spaceman in the Crater,” the pair came to an agreement about their future in “The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House.”  Therefore, there will be a wedding in the finale, complete with an appearance of Angela’s dad (Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top).  But will Angela make it down the aisle?

Likewise, Angela’s dad will not be the only father in the finale.  Bones’ dad, Max (Ryan O’Neal) returns with more information about Brennan’s past including a 1993 video of her mother.  What revelations does Max bring?  Why would Booth come to blows with him?

We’ll have to wait until the finale airs on May 16 to find out.

Smallville: “Phantom”
Clark and LanaOur favorite superhero’s epic battle with arch nemesis Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) will finally come to a head in the sixth season closer.  But the biggest news is that at least one person is going to die during this episode.

According to E!Online, the big death will be one of the four main characters — Clark (Tom Welling), Lex, Lana (Kristin Kreuk) or Chloe (Allison Mack).  Well since I know the Smallville will have at least one more season, I can’t see the producers killing off Clark or Lex.  That leaves Lana or Chloe.  I hope it’s Lana.  Since she’s started dating Lex, I can’t stand Lana.  Gone is the sweet girl next door, replaced by a conniving witch.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not against villains.  In fact I love to hate Lex and am impressed at how they transformed Lex from Clark’s friend to his rival.  But watching Lana grates my last nerve.

Hopefully, Chloe won’t be the victim.  In the beginning I didn’t care for her character, but over the last couple years she’s really grown on me, especially since she found her own beau, photographer Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore).  Besides, we finally get to find out what her meteor freak power is in this episode.  I hear that she’ll have something in common with someone over at Heroes and that Lois (Erica Durance) is key to the manifestation of this power.

Aside from rounding up the last of the escapees from the Phantom Zone, Clark will be busy tracking down Lionel (John Glover) when he finds out how he blackmailed Lana into marrying Lex.

This finale, which airs May 17, has cliffhanger written all over it.   

Lost:  “Through the Looking Glass”
I personally have been satisfied happy with the flow of this series in the second half of this season.  The producers have dealt out quite a few answers lately.  But some fans (me) are never quite satisfied and are always hungry for more answers.  The finale should dish out a few more answers, if not a couple of deaths.

We’ve been teased with the idea of a rescue from Naomi (Marsha Thomason) and her cohorts.  But since we just learned that Lost will have three more season, I’m going out on a limb here and saying the castaways will not be rescued. ;-P  On a side note, I think it’s great that we now have an end date for the series.  I can now sigh a little relief knowing that the answers will come by 2010 and that I’ll get some closure without an unexpected cancellation (you can’t tell that I’m still bitter about Drive).

Since I’ve learned that just when I think I understand Lost, it throws me a curveball, I won’t even guess at the finale.  But I hear there’s a big smack down between Jack (Mathew Fox) and at least one other castaway that might divide the residents on the beach.  And of course, expect another showdown with the Others.  Hopefully, it’ll come with some more answers about Dharma Initiative.

Need a Lost refresher, check out “Lost: The Answers” on ABC on May 17 at 10:07 p.m. before the two-hour finale airs on May 23.  Get your fix while you can, I hear that Lost won’t return until January 2008 with an uninterrupted run a la 24.

Grey’s Anatomy:  “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” 
Grey’s AnatomyThis medical drama with a very hot cast is expected to finish its third season with lots of surgery and lots of sex.  Relationships on all fronts seem to have juicy tidbits this episode.

With the pilot for Private Practice out of the way, we are back to life at Seattle Grace where the interns are finishing their first year by getting the results of their big exams.  I hear one didn’t do so well.  We also find out who is the new chief.  Just a guess, but I don’t think Addison (Kate Walsh) got it.

I am personally looking forward to seeing Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Burke (Isaiah Washington) head down the aisle.  Cristina, who often gets the best lines, should be a riot in the big traditional wedding the mothers have planned.  The big question is if the will actually go through it.  And if not, who calls it quits?

Speaking of marriage, Callie (Sara Ramirez) and George (T.R. Knight) are suppose to come to some resolution about theirs.  Jane Doe/Ava (Elizabeth Reaser) will find out she is married.  But why hasn’t dear hubby been looking for her?

And although I don’t know if she turns up in the finale, I hear McDreamy’s new friend from the bar (Chyler Leigh) in “Testing 1-2-3” will be back next season.   Yeah, just what we need — more drama for Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey).  I’m actually ready for them to move on.

This cliffhanger airs May 17.

Numbers:  “The Janus List”
This drama has been a nice break from all the serial dramas I watch.  The fun characters and intrigue are more than enough to entertainment when I can’t understand the math — and I’m not bad a math.  The third season promises to close with a lot of action.

I’m not clear on the details of the finale, but I hear it involves poison, a mad bomber on a bridge, a CIA cover-up (or is it a FBI secret) and a distressed Megan (Diane Farr) is back from her mystery assignment.

Hopefully we’ll have time to dive into the brothers personal lives too.  I’d really like to see Charlie (David Krumholtz) and Amita (Navi Ramat) move their relationship to the next level.  I know that he’s a little short on social skills, but geez Charlie, make a move already.  Non-committal brother, Don (Rob Morrow) also needs a little personal time.

Catch the Epps brothers in action in the season ender on May 18.

NCIS:  “Angel of Death”
Normally full of self-contained episodes, NCIS has had several storylines that have played out through the whole season all full of secrets.  This finale promises to unravel these secrets.

What will happen to the team when these secrets are revealed?  With the future of the series up for grabs, I hope they wrap up the storylines on May 22 rather than leave us with a huge cliffhanger.

Price is Right: “Million Dollar Spectacular”
You can stop laughing now.  I love The Price is Right, much to my husband’s chagrin.  My college roommate and I used to plan our classes so that we could meet back in our dorm for lunch and our dose of TPIR.  We always talked about heading to California for spring break one year so we could be contestants on TPIR.  We didn’t make it, but it was fun to dream.

Bob Barker, 83, is the ultimate game show host, the host by which all others are measured.  So I think it’s only appropriate that after 35-years, they give him on a proper send off on prime time. 

Catch Barker’s last call “to come on down” on May 16.  And for you die hard fans, you can take in the tribute “Bob Barker: A Celebration of 50 Years on Television” on May 17.

‘Lost’s’ Juliet is not like the rest of the Others

April 16, 2007

Since her first appearance on Lost as a member of the Others’ camp, Juliet Burke (Elizabeth Mitchell) has quickly become one of my favorite characters. The recent episode, “One of Us,” gave us a little more insight into Juliet’s background, but in true Lost fashion left us with even more questions.  But based on the tidbits they did throw us, I have a few theories on Juliet and Lost in general.

Is Juliet playing Ben?
Juliet Burns MuffinsIn Juliet’s first flashback, we see that she is trapped by her own timidness and an overbearing ex-husband.  When she’s freed from him (if that’s what you want to call getting hit by a bus), she finally gets a chance to do what she wants and is willing to take risks (i.e. drink the kool-aid, actually I think it was orange juice).

In her second flashback, we see that in spite of her medical failures, she seems to be coming into her own and learning to live her own life.  But then Ben, another overbearing man, manipulates her.  At first she’s beaten, but by the time Flight 815 crashes, she’s resolved. 

And when Ben shows her that her sister and nephew are alive and well, Juliet becomes determined to leave the island — at any cost.  From this point on, Juliet is biding her time until she could come up with and execute a plan to get off the island.  We saw her try to have Ben killed by Jack.

Of course we know it didn’t work.  But I believe she is just biding her time again.  And while she waits, she’s going to let Ben think he’s still in charge.

Juliet has transformed from this timid little lady who was ruled by everyone else to a self-assured woman with one goal — to get off the island.

Does Juliet  want vengeance for Goodwin?
Ben Juliet and GoodwinNo, I don’t think Juliet will seek vegenance against the plane survivors for Goodwin’s murder.  While it’s obvious that Juliet was having sex with Goodwin, I don’t believe that she was in love with him.  She doesn’t seem to give him a second thought when she asks to go home.  You never see her discuss her desire to go home or how Ben manipulated her with Goodwin.  She might share a bed with him, but she doesn’t seem to share her confidence with him.

I think that the newly empowered Juliet was using Goodwin just for sex (and I’m guessing it was probably mutual on Goodwin’s part).  While I sure she was sorry to see him go, I think that she doesn’t blame the Flight 815 survivors for defending themselves especially since she knows what the others have done/will do to them.

Is Juliet playing Jack?
Juliet in JungleI believe that Juliet has legitimate feelings for Jack.  We’ve seen her confide in him.  She’s seen him risk his neck for her and stand up to Ben.  Apparently, the kind of thing few men have be willing to do for her.

In this last episode on their hike back to the beach, Juliet talked to Jack about how she dragged Kate out to the woods and handcuffed herself to her.  I believe that Juliet plans to betray Ben and that she’s let Jack in on at least some of the plan.

Will Juliet betray Jack in the end?  Unfortunately, I think for the opportunity to get off the island, yes Juliet would be willing to betray Jack.  But ultimately she’ll feel bad about it.  Her desire to get off the island will trump her feelings for Jack.

Did Ben cure cancer?
My first instinct is to say that Ben conned Juliet about her sister’s cancer.  But on retrospect, I’m not so sure.  So far of what we’ve seen, Ben hasn’t lied to anyone.  He manipulates the situation to get the answer he wants, but he doesn’t lie.  He could have just told Jack that Kate and Sawyer were an item, but instead he set up the situation to allow the pair to have their little affair while secretly taping it and then allowing Jack to find the cameras.

We already know that something on the island cured Rose’s cancer.  So maybe Ben somehow packaged that and used it to cure Juliet’s sister’s cancer.

So why can’t Ben cure his own?  He was born on the island so that must be why the island’s powers can’t help him.  He’s immune.

Is Juliet’s Story about Ethan and Claire true?
Claire and AaronYes, I think so.  We saw from Juliet’s flashbacks that women have trouble carrying babies to term.  I believe that the Others intent wasn’t as much to help Claire as to use her for a test case.  And yes, I think the decision to kidnap Claire came after Ethan’s identity was discovered.  Did he act on his own?  My guess is yes because during Claire’s flashback of her time at the medical station we heard Tom tell Ethan the “he” (Ben) was angry with him for kidnapping her.

And yes, I think Juliet’s serum helped to save Claire and Aaron.

I think the chip was inserted when Claire was kidnapped as a precaution.  Ben seems to always be thinking ahead.

Can Juliet help Sun?
Yes, I think that Juliet will be willing to help Sun.  And ultimately, that storyline will reveal the real father of her baby.

The question I have not been able to figure out is:  if no one has been able to bring a baby full term on the island until Claire, how was Ben born on the island?

What are the Others doing on the island?
As we’ve already seen, many of the others seem to be medically inclined and I’m guessing the rest are scientists.  My guess is someone, prior to Ben’s existence — maybe his parents, maybe someone his parents worked for — figured out that the island had healing powers and has recruited this team, one by one as needed, to figure out how to harness this power.

Just a guess, but maybe someone from Dharma betrayed Dharma when they discovered the real power of the island and partnered with whoever is backing the Others to take over operations on the island and thus, eliminating the Dharma representatives.  Think about it, whoever had the power to make the paralyzed walk or to heal cancer would be very, very powerful people.

How do the Others know so much about everyone?
I think its clear that the Others (or at least Ben and a few of his elite) have contact with the outside world.  Someone is financing this operation.  My guess is whoever that is has a great deal of money and a great deal of power.  And with that power, the connections to find out whatever they need.

Well I think that’s about all the theories I can spout for know.  So let me know if you think any of these are plausible.  Do you have a theory of your own? Please share.

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Lost’s Others Might Not Have My Sympathy, but They Have My Interest

April 1, 2007

An article on TV Squad recently questions whether the Others on Lost are really as bad as we thought originally.  I answer with a resounding no — they are worse!  But they still make for interesting TV.

The OthersTrue, the Others seem to have an altruistic purpose to save the “good ones” (if you buy into this cult-like reasoning).  But how can anyone think that kidnapping children (however warped the belief that it is for their safety), brainwashing one’s followers, killing, keeping people against their will, or coercing qualify them as anything close to good?  Well, unless you’ve joined the cult!

I’m not by any means saying the the plane survivors are without sin.  Collectively, the survivors have quite a rapsheet not to mention the emotional baggage they arrived with.  But they are human and we are seeing, through flashbacks and their time on the island, regret, remorse and even attempts (albeit some are unconscious) at atonement for their past actions.  This repentance is what separate the plane survivors from the Others.

But decency aside, the Others make for good TV.  While I love beach scenes with the survivors (I had Hurley, Locke and Sayid withdraws early on in the season), I am anxious for glimpses into the Others world.  I want to know what makes them tick and why.

Who are they really?  Were they all tricked into coming to the island like Juliet or did some come voluntarily?  If so, what made them come?  Were each of them brought for a specific purpose, like Juliet?  And what is that purpose?  Were they all brainwashed like Alex’s boyfriend?  Are there other dissenters like Juliet?  How long have they been on the island?  Who else knows that they are there?  What is their relationship to Dharma?  The questions never end.

And then there’s Ben.  Ben is the character you love to hate.  How many of you hoped that Jack would kill him during the surgery (even knowing that Jack would never do it)?  How many more of you hoped he wouldn’t just so all the secrets didn’t die with Ben?!  Was Ben really born on the island?  Is that why the island doesn’t affect him like it does Locke or Rose?  Who are his parents?  Why didn’t he leave when he had the opportunity?  How and why is he connected to the outside world?

If some of my aren’t answered in the Juliet-centric episode that airs on April 11, then maybe they’ll be answered in the season finale, which is rumored to be Ben-centric and will result in a “smackdown” between the survivors and the Others.

While I long to know more about the plane survivors, I am eager for any tidbit the producers give us into the lives of the Others.  With so many characters, I hope the producers will find a way to balance the show’s content with our love for the survivors and our relentless curiosity about the Others.

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