With Weisz out, Mummy 3 gets a title and a revised plot

The third installment in the Mummy franchise has finally been named.  The sequel to The Mummy and The Mummy Returns will be called Mummy 3:  Curse of the Dragon and as reported in my earlier post will be a father-son adventure, according to IESB.net.

The Mummy ReturnsWith Rachel Weisz (Evy O’Connell) officially out of the picture, the script is being retooled to focus on the O’Connell men.  Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) and his son Alex (Alex Pettyfer Luke Ford) will visit China where they battle the mummy of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shihuang, played by Jet Li. 

While I’m unclear as to how Qin is resurrected, Qin has a purpose — to take over the world (like all resurrected mummies) using his warriors who were cursed by being turned into terracotta statues.  I’m not up on my Chinese history, but I hear that the plot seems to have connections with China’s heritage including the real terracotta warriors.

While fans  (my husband included) are jumping ship based on Weisz’ absence, I’m still optimistic about Mummy 3:  Curse of the Dragon.  The father-son adventure thing worked for the third chapter of Indian Jones.  I loved Fraser and Weisz’ chemistry in the first two movies, but it’ll be nice to see what kind of bonding the father-son duo can muster.  And a change of scenery — from Egypt to China — will do the franchise some good.

The movie is scheduled to begin filming this summer in Montreal and is expected to be released in July 2008.  Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see.


11 Responses to With Weisz out, Mummy 3 gets a title and a revised plot

  1. […] already knew that Rachel Weisz, who played the role of Evie in the first two films, would not be joining the cast of Mummy 3 due […]

  2. spacecataz says:

    It is downright creepy how closely Luke Ford and Brendan Fraiser resemble each other. Perfect casting as far as that’s concerned. I’m saddened that Rachel Weisz won’t return, but I do hope they write her out respectfully and not that she turned flaky or something else loserish. Anyhoo, yeah, can’t wait!

  3. vacelts says:

    spacecataz, unfortunately, it looks like they are just going to recast the role of Evie. Maria Bello will be filling the role. Nothing against Bello, but I think it’s a bad move.


  4. Livilove says:

    My source (yes I feel cool saying that) says that Racheal Weise is unable to partake in the Mummy Three due to scheduling conflicts.

    Those of us with brains, however, are able to see she’s not getting enough money and has therefore refused the part.

    Which I think was selfish and unecessary.

  5. Hannah Bradley says:

    i think its not fair that they dont keep the oringinal Evey,
    she was buetiful and good as playing the roll ,
    so i will wait till the movie comes out the give you a reveiw .

    Bye Bye 🙂

    by Hannah

  6. Georgiie says:


    go play in traffic then fall in a hole of ur own POO

  7. Marta says:

    I think this is the best film !!!¡¡¡¡¡ It´s very interesting and it´s funny !!¡¡ and the film have got some mistery and love!


  8. Yency Hill says:

    I just watched the trailer for Mummy 3 and was shocked that they couldn’t make arrangements for Rachael to stay in as Evie. And the actor line up had Jet Li at the top, is this a Jet Li movie or a Brendan Frazier movie? Alex (Luke) is O.K. because his kid would be older now anyway and not look the same. They should have at least respectfully wrote Rachael out and wrote Maria in as maybe a new girl friend or new wife or something, but to cast her as the original Evie is bad form and has ruined my enthusiasm about the sequel

  9. charlie says:

    She refused it because of how bad the script was…? and how about “scorpion king” script..?

  10. Kathy says:

    I have seen the movie. It was good but was very disappointed that Rachel Weisz did not play Evie. It wasn’t the same without her. They made a big mistake by leaving her out. No offense to Bello, but Weisz would have been my choice. I want pay to see it again. Rachel you’re the best.

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