Does Fringe’s Broyles Trust Olivia in ‘Meet Mr. Jones’

In the latest episode of Fringe, “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones,” Olivia is working on another Pattern case when she comes across a connection to past cases.  When she asks Broyles about it, he tells her that there’s a lot about the Pattern that she doesn’t know.  So tell her already!

Peter must become part of the experiement to help Olivia

Peter must become part of the experiement to help Olivia

For weeks, Broyles has kept Olivia on a need to know basis regarding the Pattern.  Why?  Does he not trust her?  Wouldn’t she be able to work better if she had all the facts?

I can understand him not inundating her with lots of past cases to sift through when she should be working on current cases.  But if he knows there’s a connection between her current case and a past incident, why not tell her?  Why let her waste time figuring it out herself?

And, while we’re on the subject, just how many people are working on Pattern cases?  I thought Olivia and the Bishops were the only ones working Pattern cases.  But in this episode we meet Mitchell Loeb (Chance Kelly), another agent and a friend of Broyles, who was working a case in Frankfurt recently and another one in Weymouth, Massachusetts in the beginning of the episode.

And judging from what we saw at the end of the episode, I’d say Broyles is putting his faith in the wrong agent. 

Or do you think Broyles is on to Loeb?  If he is, why did he bring Loeb’s wife (Trini Alvarado) to Walter’s lab? 

But those questions are just the tip of the iceberg.  What the heck is “Little Hill?”  Who is the gentleman?  Could it be The Observer?  Or is it someone behind the Pattern? 

Did Loeb (or his wife) infect himself with the parasite?  If not, who did?  And who is Loeb working for?

Maybe if Broyles opened up a little to Olivia we’d know a little more.

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2 Responses to Does Fringe’s Broyles Trust Olivia in ‘Meet Mr. Jones’

  1. vacelts says:

    Another good episode, although I’m really frustrated that Broyles won’t come clean with Olivia on what he knows about the Pattern.
    I loved that we finally got to see Olivia smile. I was beginning to wonder if she could. Of course, it took a guy to make it happen. I wonder just how close she and Lucas were. And when?

    Well know we know of at least one experiment Walter did on Peter. Who hooks up car batteries to their child? Makes you wonder what else he’s done to Peter.

    My favorite Walterism is when he’s at the hospital looking at the parasite in Loeb. They ask Walter if he can help. He replies that he can, but not here. His breath is atrocious. I loved his obsession with gum/mints this episode.

    What was your favorite Walterism?

  2. […] Does Fringe’s Broyles Trust Olivia in ‘Meet Mr. Jones’ […]

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