Heroes Returns with Double Feature Season 3 Premiere

Tonight Heroes returned with a two-hour premiere – “The Second Coming” and “The Butterfly Effect” – opening Volume 3:  Villains with a literal barrage of plot twists.

Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet and Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli.  Courtesy Adam Taylor/NBC

Hayden Panettiere as Claire Bennet and Milo Ventimiglia as Peter Petrelli. Courtesy Adam Taylor/NBC

I know that NBC is trying to gain back some of the momentum the series had in the first season, but sometimes less is more.  I think that they threw a little too much at us to even start to digest.

After the disjointed Volume 2, I was left with a whole series of questions about the plot and one major question of whether the show was still worthy of my play list.

After tonight, I have even more questions and I’m still not sure if Heroes has recaptured the magic from Volume 1.

Let’s start with what tonight’s episode answered.

A future Peter shot his own brother during Nathan’s press conference in Odessa where Nathan planned to expose his powers. 

Apparently four years in the future, Peter – who has the ability to teleport – feels the need to run before traveling back in time, but not before he has a run-in with a dark-haired future Claire.  It seems not all is well for our heroes in the future with the masses knowing about their powers.

But once in the present, future Peter finds out that changing history isn’t as easy as it sounds.  While he might have prevented Nathan from revealing their secret, he did not actually kill his brother.

A miraculously recovered Nathan believes that he was “touched by God” while at the same time believing that he was healed by Linderman – a Linderman who we believe is dead and apparently only Nathan can see.

This tidbit then begs the question – who healed Nathan?  Is Linderman alive and invisible?  Is he a figment of Nathan’s imagination?  Or is someone cloaking themself to appear as Linderman while not being seeing by others?

Either way, the revived Nathan gets noticed by New York’s Governor (Bruce Boxleitner) and his staffer/lover Tracie Strauss – formerly known as Niki Saunders to viewers (and Nathan) – and is tapped to fill a senate seat.

It seems that Niki survived the fire in New Orleans, but has assumed another alter ego.  This one has the power to freeze nasty little reporters that might expose skeletons in the closet.  Poor William Katt.  What an end for the Greatest American Hero!

Meanwhile, future Peter sends Matt to an African desert when Matt discovers he’s not the present Peter.  While in Africa, Matt meets Usutu (N’Tare Mwine) who tells him he must go on a spirit walk.  Why doesn’t Matt just read his mind to get the answers he wants?

Nevertheless we learn the Usutu paints the future – I’m assuming he meant literally, but I guess it could me figuratively too.  It’s easy to guess that the rock painting that Matt saw in the desert is Usutu’s work, but what about the painting Mohinder saw?  How did Usutu get to New York?

Heroes - Season 3 - "The Second Coming" - Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh.  Courtesy Adam Taylor/NBC

Heroes - Season 3 - "The Second Coming" - Sendhil Ramamurthy as Mohinder Suresh. Courtesy Adam Taylor/NBC

Speaking of Mohinder, he’s been busy playing mad scientist after sending Molly somewhere to be safe.  He uses Maya’s adrenaline to develop a serum that will give anyone injected with it special powers.  Maya, however, is still left without an antidote for her deadly power.

Mohinder – apparently coming up short in the common sense department – decides to inject himself resulting in heighted senses including super strength and super lust for Maya.  But no good deed goes unpunished and Mohinder starts to lose his skin. 

In another act of stupidity disguised vaguely as wisdom, future Peter tells Claire not to rush to the injured Nathan’s side, leaving her to continue hiding in Santa Cruz, CA where Sylar easily finds her.

After a chase scene right out of a teen horror flick, Sylar finally takes Claire’s power.  But he doesn’t kill her.  Instead he leaves her with a gift – he takes away the pain.  He also tells her she’s special and that neither of them can ever die.  But we know differently – if the brain stem is severed (like it was to Peter is Volume 1), death can happen.

With his new found power, Sylar heads to Section 5 where the biggest and baddest villains The Company has captured are imprisoned.  The same place where future Peter imprisons present Peter (anyone confused yet?) is the body of a prisoner named Jesse (Francis Capra).

Sylar starts off by killing Bob and acquiring his power to turn medal to gold, but Elle short circuits the rest of his plans.  While she’s able to capture Sylar, her power surge inadvertently released the rest of the prisoners which included HRG, Jesse, Knox (Jamie Hector) who absorbs fear and uses it as a weapon, Flint (Blake Shields) the flame thrower and The German (Ken Lally).

But never fear, there’s someone to step up and fill Bob’s shoes – Angela Petrelli, who promptly fires Elle.  Angela confirms that her power is premonitions – that’s how she knew who future Peter was. 

She also had a premonition in which Matt, Hiro, Peter, Claire and others are left dead while the likes of Adam, Tracey, a black guy I didn’t recognized and what looked like Governor Malden face off against Angela and Sylar.

Seems Angela has taken a liking to Sylar.  He’s her new project – and judging from the previews for next week, HRG’s new partner.  But the big reveal is when Angela tells Sylar that she is his mother. 

Is she speaking literally or figuratively?  Just how many people has Angela slept with?  There’s Peter and Nathan’s dad, Kaito, and apparently Sylar’s dad (whose identity remains a mystery).  There is even speculation that she’s Matt’s mama too – but I have no proof to back that one up.  This woman really gets around.

Lastly, we have Hiro and Ando who find out that Kaito left Hiro in charge of half of a dangerous formula whose only cure is the purity of blood.  Hiro immediately loses his half of the formula to speedster Daphne (Brea Grant).

In the quest to find her and retrieve the formula, Hiro travels to the future where he sees a super charged Ando kill him.  Of course, now Hiro treats Ando differently and that is going to be the exact reason Ando turns on Hiro in the future.

More interesting, I’d rather know who Daphne is working for?  And who has the other half of the formula – at least until Daphne steals it.

Micah, Monica and Molly are all missing this episode.  Jessalyn Gilsig reprises her role as Meredith Gordon, Claire’s biological mom.

I felt like I was running through this entire episode trying to keep up.  Didn’t the creators learn anything from last season?  I can only hope that the show finds its groove soon and settles in.

What did you think was the most interesting twist?  What was the biggest surprise of the night?

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5 Responses to Heroes Returns with Double Feature Season 3 Premiere

  1. […] Heroes Returns with Double Feature Season 3 Premiere […]

  2. vacelts says:

    Does anyone else wonder why it was so important to “save the cheerleader” in the first season, if Sylar got to her this season. He didn’t kill her. The world didn’t end. What was the big deal?

    Also HRG brings back Meredith to protect Claire. Protect her from what? Sylar already cut open her head and absorbed her power. Who can do anything worse than that to her?

  3. Eric says:

    Nice recap & analysis of Heroes … I’m with you … Still on the fence about Heroes staying on my TiVo Playlist. I loved all of S1 up to the S1 Finale, which was sooo underwhelming and then the half-story that was S2 … I still don’t understand why they didn’t let the vile drop and leave the original S2 cliffhanger (shown on S2 DVD).

    So a few thoughts …

    Future Peter – Peter is setting up a timeline (with colored strings ala Future Hiro in S1), but Future Hiro’s events occur 5yrs. into the future (in “Five Years Gone”), while Future Peter comes from 4yrs. in the future. How does FP know how to analyze the timestream if (A) FH has not already done it before or (B) that event never even occurred in the current timeline … It’s one of the major issues I have with the whole time-jumping aspect of the show … No clearly defined rules!

    Sylar – I think they are gonna reveal Sylar to be a “Bizarro” version (clone or test tube baby) of Peter. By that logic, Mama Petrelli could consider herself Sylar’s mother.

    Mohinder – They needed to slow his plotline down … He should just be discovering his powers after 1ep, rather than already on the downfall … BTW, total “Brundle-Fly” ripoff.

    Claire – I am in agreement with vacelts, that bringing Meredith in to protect Claire does not make much sense … Who is after Claire at this point?

    Other Notes – The show is still missing “WOW beats” that should be included in any comic book show … Some perfect opportunities that have been missed: S1 – Sylar vs. Heroes fight should have been much BIGGER! — S2 – When Nikki is storming thru Primatech (ala Hulk), Bob was trapped in the office, and then Nikki bangs down the door (Bob shoulda used his powers & turned the door to gold to slow Nikki down) — S3 – Claire shoulda escaped from the house by simply jumping thru any one of those french doors that Sylar closed & locked. I mean she knows she won’t die from jumping thru a glass pane.

    To vacelts – Future Hiro’s message to “save the cheerleader” is only applicable to that Future prior to his trip back to talk to Present Hiro (at the beginning of S1) … Once that event occurred, the future is changed (at least in that timeline) … That reminds me of another issue I have, Future Peter should only have a scar because he never met Claire in the future timeline we are shown, but at the beginning of this ep, Peter has met Claire (as the events of S1 & S2 have occurred in this timeline), so he should be able to regenerate and thus “no scar”!

  4. vacelts says:

    Eric, you had some good points there. I think the Sylar-Angela relationship has the most potential right now.

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