‘The Arrival’ of the Observer Brings New Mysteries on Fringe

As if Walter isn’t enough of a character, we meet someone even more unusual than him on tonight’s episode of Fringe.  “The Arrival” marks the arrival of two mysteries – the metal cylinder and The Observer (Michael Cerveris).

Craig Blankenhorn/FOX

FRINGE: Walter (John Noble, L) and Peter (Joshua Jackson, R) examine a mysterious cylinder found among the debris of a construction site explosion in the FRINGE episode "The Arrival" airing Tuesday, Sept. 30 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2008 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Craig Blankenhorn/FOX

We meet The Observer in the opening sequence where he’s watching a construction site.  Aside from his unusual eating habits, – he ordered a raw roast beef sandwich with exactly 11 jalapeños on the side and added an entire shaker of pepper and Tabasco – The Observer has a few other unique characteristics. 

For one, he’s completely bald – he doesn’t even have eyebrows.  And he writes in a different language from right to left.  Furthermore, he’s been waiting for the arrival of the cylinder.  When it shows up at the construction site, he makes one call and says “It has arrived.”

But the cylinder isn’t the only Pattern incident that our bald friend has been at.  Olivia notices that he was at the hospital two weeks ago only to be told by Broyles that it took him a year to make the connection.  They have photos of The Observer at some three dozen Pattern incidents.

But they aren’t the only ones familiar with The Observer.  The Bishops have met him before.  It seems that The Observer saved Walter and Peter from a chilly death when their car broke through some ice on a Thanksgiving when Peter was a child.

The Observer communicated through “osmosis” that he would need Walter one day.  When the cylinder appeared, Walter knew it was time to return the favor. 

Walter sends Peter on an aluminum foil run, sedates Astrid, steals and hides the cylinder and meets with The Observer at a dinner where he can have a root beer float and confide that the cylinder is safe.

The Observer thanks him, adding that he can’t touch the beacon himself.  He tells Walter that “I know you have questions.  Soon you’ll have answers.”

Unfortunately, John Mosley (Michael Kelly) – this week’s bad guy – also has the ability to read people’s thoughts with the help of a machine and works his way through the minds of people – including Peter – until he finds the cylinder. 

But Olivia stops him from stealing the beacon (and possibly killing Peter).  But the beacon gets away – exploding into the Earth.

The Observer is on site, makes another call – “departure on schedule.”

Just who is he talking to?  What is the beacon/cylinder thing?  Why can’t he touch it?  How is The Observer tied to The Pattern?  Who or what is he?  Why does he apparently not taste anything?

What is The Observer’s connection to Walter (and possibly Peter)?  How is he communicating with them?  What was he writing in the diner?  What language is that?

The questions around The Observer are endless, but I think the answers are going to be critical to understanding The Pattern and the implications of it in the big picture.

Mostly, I’m wondering when and where we are going to see The Observer next.

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10 Responses to ‘The Arrival’ of the Observer Brings New Mysteries on Fringe

  1. vacelts says:

    The mystery continues to expand on Fringe and I’m guessing that The Observer holds the key to understanding The Pattern or at least part of it.

    I’m still banking on there being something “special” about Peter. Something more than his near death experience as a child. Is it coincidence that Peter unknowingly knew information Walter hadn’t shared? Is there something more to their relationship? Are they connected in a different way than most fathers and sons?

    Peter’s mom was mentioned again, but only in the fact that Walter considered her small-minded and that she questioned Walter’s judgment (I can’t imagine why).
    And who did Peter call when he was planning on bailing on Walter responsibilities?

    Did anyone else think that Olivia’s reaction when she heard Henry Jacobson was a little weird? But when they met she acted like it was a pleasure to see him. And then he advises her to stay away from the cylinder. Was that because he was worried about her or was it a warning?

    Favorite parts:

    Walter reciting the formula for root beer at 3 a.m. because he might want to make some in the lab.

    Walter sending Peter out in a hurry for aluminum because their lives depend on it and then asking him to stop off and pick him up a root beer float.

    Walter likes to talk to Peter naked because he prefers the breeze.

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  3. […] ‘The Arrival’ of the Observer Brings New Mysteries on Fringe […]

  4. […] ‘The Arrival’ of the Observer Brings New Mysteries on Fringe […]

  5. Semper Fidelis says:

    We found that OBSERVER is in episode 3 (Ghost Network). You can see him when Dunham gets on the train twice. First behind her reflected in the glass door, then she walks right past him…

    Anyone see him in episodes 1 or 2?

    This is a GREAT SHOW, we can’t get enough…

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  7. […] ‘The Arrival’ of the Observer Brings New Mysteries on Fringe […]

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  9. vacelts says:

    The Observer makes an appearance at the Frankfurt Airport in “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones.”

  10. FOX better not mess this up and cancel ‘Fringe’. I think it’s better than ‘The X-Files’.

    Anyway…just what are these ‘beacons’?

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